Launch Event of the European Alliance for Transformative Therapies


The European Alliance for Transformative Therapies was officially launched at a virtual event on 8 December 2020. The event was co-hosted by MEPs Ondřej Knotek (Renew Europe, Czech Republic), Claudia Gamon (Renew Europe, Austria) and Tomislav Sokol (EPP, Croatia).

The event saw the Alliance present its Call to Action, which makes a series of recommendations with a view to facilitating access to potentially life-saving cell and gene therapies. The Alliance calls for the integration of key priorities and considerations for cell and gene therapies into the implementation of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and other relevant EU healthcare initiatives.

The launch event brought together multiple stakeholders to discuss key themes around cell and gene therapies. Experts elaborated on key issues around bridging the gap between patients and innovation and improving the regulatory context for cell and gene therapies.

The discussion focused on the following key issues:

  1. The need for healthcare professionals’ education and adequate infrastructure for the provision of cell and gene therapies.
  2. The importance of conducting efficient Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products clinical trials.
  3. The need to build acceptability for Real-World Evidence.
  4. The dissemination of best practices on innovative payment solutions for cell and gene therapies.