Realising the Potential of Transformative Therapies

A European Pharmaceutical Strategy that Enables Safe and Timely Patient Access to Cell and Gene Therapies

15.00-17.00 CEST

Recent years have seen a number of innovative therapies becoming available to patients in Europe.  ‘Transformative therapies’ – such as cell and gene therapies – bring new hope for the treatment of diseases, with the promise that they not only manage the symptoms of severe, disabling or life-limiting conditions, but transform and save lives. 

On 30 June, the European Alliance for Transformative Therapies launched its Recommendations for Action for Cell and Gene Therapies in the context of the European Pharmaceutical Strategy which have been developed collaboratively with expert stakeholders.

Our speakers explored the opportunities and challenges for innovative therapies in Europe and discussed what policy changes are needed in the forthcoming reviews of the EU pharmaceutical framework to realise the potential for cell and gene therapies, and to ensure safe and timely access for patients.  


Interventions by several MEPs, including:

Alessandra Moretti
S&D Co-Chair of the TRANSFORM MEP Interest Group
Ondřej Knotek
Renew Europe Co-Chair of the TRANSFORM MEP Interest Group
Dolors Montserrat
EPP MEP, Rapporteur on the EP Pharmaceutical Strategy Report

Panel I: Launch of TRANSFORM Recommendations: Challenges and Opportunities for Transformative Therapies

Simone Boselli
Public Affairs Director, EURORDIS
Dr Pauline Meij
Head of the Cell and Gene Therapy Facility, Leiden University Medical Center
Dr Alexander Natz
Secretary-General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE)

Panel II: The Way Ahead: What is Needed to Solve the Challenges?

Dr Ana Hidalgo-Simon
Head of Advanced Therapies, European Medicines Agency
Dolors Montserrat
EPP MEP, Rapporteur on the EP Pharmaceutical Strategy Report
Dr Gaetano Guglielmi
Deputy Director General for Health Research and Innovation, Italian Ministry of Health

Joint Q&A session between Panel I and II, with participation of TRANSFORM Alliance members


Jacki Davis
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